We have been huge advocates for the 22 Creedmoor ever since we chambered our first rifle for the wildcat cartridge in 2014. We are pleased to announce a partnership with Peterson Cartridge in the release of 22 Creedmoor brass. The head-stamped brass will be sold in 50-count boxes or a 500-ct bulk pack.

22 Creedmoor Brass

The 22 Creedmoor has been growing in popularity over the last year – and for good reason! With a 1:8 twist barrel, the 22 Creedmoor has an average velocity of 3,450 fps – with a 75-grain bullet and 24” barrel – and nearly 1,000 ft. lbs. of delivered energy at 500 yards.

Derrick has been personally shooting a 22 Creedmoor for more than 5 years.  His original build having more than 1,300 shots through it. He has tested different twist rates, a multitude of various ammo loads, and harvested an assortment of animals. 

As a company, we have invested countless hours and resources to help build up the knowledge base surrounding the cartridge.  A central hub of videos, infographics, blog posts, and more can be found at 22creedmoor.com. We also started a 22 Creedmoor Facebook group where members ask questions and exchange information on rifle builds and loads.

Peterson Cartridge produces extremely consistent, American-Made brass rifle casings which are designed around, and for, long-distance shooters. They developed the large primer 22 Creedmoor brass with increased head hardness to tolerate higher pressures. The slightly increased internal volume to works better with slow burning powders. The neck thickness in the brass measures between .0143 and .0148.

The brass is currently available for purchase on HorizonFirearms.comThe 50-ct boxes will retail for $45.50 (.91 cents each) and 500-ct bulk for $430.00 (.86 each).

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