A couple of us from Horizon Firearms had the opportunity to spotlight a couple weekends ago and we decided to field test one of our new exciting calibers – the 22 Creedmoor.

Austin Ratliff swept the light through the darkness and landed on a bright set of eyes low to the ground about 150 yards away. It wasn’t moving, and we studied it for quite a while and became pretty that it was a bobcat sitting very, very still. He obviously didn’t want to give himself away and was observing us from a low to the ground position. We flipped on the FoxPro and he sat up confirming that he was indeed a  bobcat. Austin readied the 22 Creedmoor and shot just below the eyes. The cat immediately fell – he’d made a great shot. We quickly drove over there to check it out and couldn’t believe what we found. We’ve hunted our entire lives, but never seen this!

bobcat and mouse

The 22 Creedmoor bullet traveled so fast that the bobcat literally lockjawed on his dinner – we had to pry his mouth open later to remove the mouse. He definitely didn’t see that one coming.

22 creedmoor bobcat

The 22 Creedmoor is a caliber we are building that basically necks a 6 mm Creedmoor down to a 22. The benefits of this caliber is that you can shoot a heavier 22 bullet with a really high BC which decreases wind drift and allows for a flatter trajectory. We are getting average speeds with the 75 grain A-MAX of 3450-3550FPS. The 22 Creedmoor is a long distance, predator killing machine! The 22 Creedmoor does require custom ammo, but we are happy to do that for you here at Horizon Firearms.

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